Usbu Website Use Agreement ("Use Agreement"), CV TECHNOLOGICAL PRODUCTS SAN. TIC. AŞ and the User who has logged in and / or become a member of the Website for the use of the User's Web Site and the User's approval of the Web site in the electronic environment was instantly arranged.

The User acknowledges and acknowledges that by logging in to the Website and / or as a member he / she has read the whole of the Usage Agreement, understands the content in its entirety and approves all its provisions.

Buyer means the user who purchases the goods and / or services offered by the Seller for sale using the Services offered on the Website. CV TECHNOLOGY: CV TECHNOLOGICAL PRODUCTS IND. TIC. Inc. CV TECHNOLOGICAL PRODUCTS ("Service" for short): refers to applications made by CV TECHNOLOGY on the Website in order to enable users to carry out the tasks and transactions defined in the Terms of Use. User / Member means any natural or legal person who accesses and / or subscribes to the Website and serves on the Site under the terms and conditions set forth in this Usage Agreement. Sellers and Buyers become members of the Web site. Seller is the User who offers the sale of goods and / or services to other Users that are legally owned and have the right to be found on the property by using the Services offered on the Website. Product: means any goods and / or services offered by the Seller to the sale on the Website. Websites:,, refers to the Website consisting of subdomains linked to this domain name.

3.1 The subject of the User Agreement is the determination of the terms of use of the Services offered on the Website and the rights and obligations of the parties.

3.2 The scope of the User Agreement is a statement such as warning, text and explanations made by CV TECHNOLOGY regarding the use, membership and services included in the User Agreement and its Annexes and the Website.

3.3 By accepting the provisions of the User Agreement, you agree to comply with any and all statements made by CV TECHNOLOGY regarding the use, membership and services contained in the Website.

4.1 Membership is completed with the registration process by the person who wants to become a member from the relevant part of the Website, by sending the necessary information to become a member of the website and by approval of the registration process by CV TECHNOLOGY. Before the membership process is completed, you can not have the right and authority to be a User defined in this User Agreement.

4.2 In order to become a member of the Website, you must be under age and not be banned by CV TECHNOLOGY temporarily or permanently from membership. As a minor, or as noted above, any person who has been temporarily removed from membership or permanently banned from membership by CV TECHNOLOGY, pursuant to Article 5.2 of this User Agreement, shall not be a member of the Website if he or she has completed the Website registration process.

5.1 User's Rights and Obligations

Users in fulfilling the membership procedure, Website's services from benefiting and fulfilling any transaction relating to services in websites, all conditions in the User Agreement, the rules set out in the Website's about place and comply with all the regulations in force Acknowledges, agrees and undertakes that all of the terms and conditions set forth above shall be understood and approved.

User Privacy in the Terms of the provisions in accordance with applicable mandatory provisions of the legislation or other users with cases where the alleged violation of rights of third parties, CVE technology has its own secret / private / commercial information must the official authorities and both eligible persons to the description And for this reason, CV TECHNOLOGY will not be awarded any compensation under any name, declare and undertake.

Users CV TECHNOLOGICAL offered by access to the systems they use in order to benefit from services tools (user name, password, etc.), security, storage, matters related to remote capture and use cases from the third party information is the sole responsibility of the user. Users, the security of the system input tools, storage, all neglect in matters such as keeping away, and the use of third parties to information and because of the defects of users and / or third party suffered by or pursuant to the damage which may be suffered CV technological, directly or indirectly, any liability not born.

Users acknowledge, declare and undertake that the information and content provided by them within the Website is correct and legally acceptable. CV TECHNOLOGICAL, transmitted to the technological CV by users or downloaded by themselves via the website, modified or provided information and research the accuracy of the content of this information and the contents of the safe, as accurate and is committed to compliance with the law and obliged to guarantee and be responsible, promise Nor shall it be liable for any damages that may arise due to incorrect or incorrect information or content.

Without prejudice to the written consent of CV TECHNOLOGICAL, the user may not transfer his rights and obligations under the User Agreement, in whole or in part, to any third party.

Beneficiaries of the Services provided by CV TECHNOLOGY and users of the Website may only operate on the Website for legitimate purposes. Users are responsible for all legal and criminal liability in the course of their actions and actions within the Website. Each User shall not reproduce, copy, distribute, upload, or transmit any images, texts, audio and visual images, video clips, files, databases, catalogs and lists contained within the Website, in violation of the same or any other rights or property of any other third party, CV TECHNOLOGICAL and / Distribute, distribute, distribute, distribute, distribute, distribute, distribute, distribute, distribute, distribute, distribute, CV TECHNOLOGY shall not be liable in any way directly and / or indirectly for any damages suffered or suffered by third parties due to the activities of users on the Website contrary to the terms of the User Agreement and / or the law.

CV TECHNOLOGICAL, CV TECHNOLOGICAL employees or managers are not responsible for the services provided on the Website and the published content by third parties including users. The accuracy of the information, content, visual and audio images provided by any third party and the commitment of lawfulness are all the responsibility of those who perform these actions. CV TECHNOLOGICAL does not undertake and guarantee the safety, correctness and legality of the services and contents provided by third parties including users.

Users located on the Website will take action to ensure the transfer of money between the membership of their membership and their relatives and the Website's functioning will engage in behavior that manipulates, otherwise CVE any loss accept they will compensate that technological suffered, and warrants.

5.2 Rights and Obligations of CV TECHNOLOGY
CV TECHNOLOGICAL, Always changing the services and content offered on the website; The user reserves the right to close and delete the information and contents uploaded to the system by the third party, including the Users. CV TECHNOLOGY may use this right without any prior notice. The User shall promptly implement any changes CV TECHNOLOGY requires by the User. The User shall be liable for compensation for damages arising from the failure of the Users to promptly fulfill the modification and / or correction requests requested by CV TECHNOLOGY.

CV TECHNOLOGY may 'link' through the Website to other websites and / or portals, files or content owned and operated by third party vendors, providers and other third parties that CV TECHNOLOGY does not control. These 'links' may be provided by the Users or only for the convenience of reference, and may not be a representation or warranty of any kind for the purpose of supporting the website or the person operating the website or the information contained therein. There is no responsibility for the portals, websites, files and contents accessed through the 'links' on the Website, the services or products offered through the 'links', or the services offered by the 'links', or the CVT TECHNOLOGY about their contents.

CV TECHNOLOGY shall not act as a mediator or arbitrator in disputes arising between Users with respect to the Services provided on the Website and the Products contained therein.

CV TECHNOLOGICAL is required to identify messages and / or content that occur between the Users through the Website and that are incompatible with the operation of the Site and / or the User Agreement and / or the General Terms and Conditions of the Website and / or the general moral codes and which are not acceptable to CV TECHNOLOGICAL Scan content and / or messages, and may remove the detected messages and / or content from time to time and from access; It may terminate temporarily or permanently, without any notice to the user's membership.

As a result of the endorsement and implementation of the User Agreement, partnership, representation or employee-employer relationship is not created between CV TECHNOLOGY and the User.

The User undertakes not to violate the legal rights of third parties such as copyright, trademark, commercial title while determining "User name". In the event that the users contravene this provision, the CV may ask the User to correct this situation contrary to the TECHNICAL USE, and may temporarily or permanently cancel the User's membership without prior notice to the User.

CV TECHNOLOGY may use the information relating to Users in accordance with the provisions of the Privacy Statement contained in this Website. CV TECHNOLOGY will not use the confidential information of the Users in the User Agreement and unlike the Confidential Terms

Users may not resell, share, distribute, exhibit, reproduce, create derivative works from or prepare CV TECHNOLOGY, CV TECHNOLOGY, CV TECHNOLOGY and CV TECHNOLOGY 's copyrighted works submitted through the Website, Access or use any of them; Otherwise, they will be liable to cover all other obligations, including, but not limited to, the amount of compensation claimed by CV TECHNOLOGY for damages suffered by third parties, including but not limited to licensors, and court fees and attorneys' fees.

All property, including any financial and intellectual property rights owned by CV TECHNOLOGICAL, CV TECHNOLOGICAL SERVICES, CV TECHNOLOGICAL INFORMATION, CV TECHNOLOGICAL WORKS, CV TECHNOLOGICAL TRADEMARKS, CV TECHNOLOGICAL TRADE VIEW or the Website, Personal rights, trade information and know-how.

Users acknowledge, declare and undertake not to violate any Intellectual Property Rights belonging to the Website and belonging to CV TECHNOLOGY and other Users.

CV TECHNOLOGY may at its sole discretion and unilaterally modify this User Agreement and its attachments by posting on the Website at any time at its sole discretion. The amended provisions of the Pending Use Agreement shall become effective on the date of its promulgation; The remaining provisions shall remain in force and continue to have consequences and consequences.

In all cases of legitimate coercion, CV TECHNOLOGICAL is not responsible for late or incomplete performance or failure to perform any of the actions set forth in this Agreement. In case of force majeure; Delay, incomplete performance or non-performance or default or the User shall not be entitled to claim compensation from CV TECHNOLOGY under any of these circumstances. Coercive reason; Including, but not limited to, natural disasters, riots, war, strikes, cyber attacks, communication problems, infrastructure and internet failures, cyber attacks, system improvement or remediation efforts, The CV will be interpreted as unavoidable inevitable events, except for the reasonable control of TECHNOLOGY and the necessary dedication.

Turkish law shall be enforced in the implementation, interpretation and management of the legal relations arising under its terms, of the İŞBU User Agreement. In the event of any dispute arising out of or arising out of this User Agreement, Istanbul Courts and Execution Offices are authorized.